Wednesday, June 21, 2017

End of year review

What worked? What didn't?  What did we keep?  What did we abandon?  Well... it was a pretty good homeschool year.  We abandoned less this year than many years, but we still made some changes.

 For Nik, (11th grade)  we quickly discovered that he did NOT have enough time to get all his subjects done, so we removed James Madison Critical Thinking, (an area that's a strength for him anyway) And we removed The Power in your Hands, because we discovered that History Odyssey had a very large amount of expository writing and doing both was not going to be manageable.   The school year went well.  Nik functions a lot slower than the average child so he was not able to complete all his curricula this year, so I dropped what was not necessary, modified what was left, not counting Latin, which needs to get done without modification so he can continue with Latin 2 next year, And he'll continue his work through the first part of summer.  No, actually the later part of summer since VACATION is coming up at the beginning of July. 

Elliott had a good year as well.  The workbooks got kind of old.  we made it a little over half the year with those before loosening up with them and not doing every subject every day, except for spelling.  We also added more read-alouds and some hands on work.  We bailed on Bookshark science and did science more organically.  I learned SO much about Elliott this year, about what works and doesn't work, and what our days/weeks/year should look like.  Despite several changes we still had a great year!

Summer is upon us! Tomorrow is the last day of school for the school kids, and Nik, Elliott and I will be celebrating the end of the year by visiting the library where the "lizard man" is going to be.   Our plan for the summer is to intentionally avoid unbridled screen time.  To do so, we will be limiting screen time to an as of yet not determined time block. They will have 1 hour per day, more on weekends.  Schoolwork for the 4 youngest (worksheets and reading) will be done from 10-12.  The older kids will just be reading during that time.

Sooo... that's the latest update! I hope to post end of year pictures tomorrow.  But we'll see if that actually happens!

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